Mu'azziz Khawateen-O-Hazraat,

     Pankaj Mathur ka Salaam Pesh-e-Khidmat hai.

      I am a self confessed fanatic of Urdu Shayari. and a News Junkie. I will attribute the existence of this website to my obsession with Sher-O-Sukhan and Indian Classical Music. I inherited this passion for shayari from my Grandfather, Late, Mr. Rangi Lal Mathur, he wrote under the Takhallus of "Be-Dil". Reading and discussing urdu poetry with him was my most favorite activities with Babaji. I dedicate this modest collection of ghazals and Ashaar's to Babaji.

     I was born and raised in Delhi, schooled at Ramjas R.K. Puram before moving to New York in 1992. Attended 2 years at Abraham Lincholn High School in Brooklyn and a Bachelor's degree in Economics and Finance from the City University of New York (College of Staten Island). I am Currently working at UBS Investment Bank. I have been married since Nov 10th, 2001; Jyotika has been my very best friend since. A true Inspiration and Strength.

    Aside from urdu poetry and my family, I have another passion in life, Motorcycles. my latest toy, A BMW R1100rs.


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